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A platform for Christians to think and do differently – a breeding ground of good ideas that encourages experimentation in methodology.

Long Beach, CA  |  April 5-7, 2018

  1. ​A vague frustration caused by new ideas

  2. "This is the way we have always done things"

  3. Passions and gifts being underutilized or marginalized

  4. A general same ol', same ol' atmosphere

  5. A sense of a lack of direction or measurement of effectiveness

  6. Lacking understanding of where we are headed

  7. Inability to explain our current strategy of ministry 

  8. Hesitancy to look outside your circle for solutions

  9. Fear of asking "WHY?"


The UNBOXED conferences (both 2016 and 2017) have helped us in so many ways it is difficult to briefly describe.  To build a transformative, fresh ministry takes transformative, fresh thinking.  This is what UNBOXED has done for us.  It has given us the revitalizing, thought-provoking input we have needed.  This is in addition to the exciting new connections and relationships we have developed at the conference.  God has provided his people with a lot of power.  That comes from God and not from UNBOXED.  What UNBOXED has done is provide a catalyst, a forum, and an incubator.  It stirs the imagination and compels us to act on our convictions.  It helps us to avoid the rabbit trails, false roadblocks and dogmas that can sometimes hamper us from taking advantage of God’s power and His Holy Spirit.  We look forward to future conferences.

— Tom


Good Ideas

We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone ... we want to help provide a platform and environment for those to come to the surface and have an opportunity to be refined to the glory of God.

Thought Leaders

Whether seasoned veterans or younger leaders, we know that getting the thought leaders and influencers in the same room always leads to positive change and growth.

Methodology vs. Theology

We gather to "unbox" our methodology, the way we do things, we are not trying to change our core theology and the convictions of our faith.  We desire to explore new ways of doing ministry, not new ways of believing the Christian faith.

Who We Are

Unboxed was created in response to what we believe to be God calling us into new chapters, both in our lives as individuals, and collectively.  We believe that truly the best is yet to come (Eph 3:20) and that we are never done learning.


What To Expect

What is it like to be at UNBOXED?

At UNBOXED you will experience 20 minute "Ted Talk" style presentations by experts, innovators and thought leaders in their field.  With dedicated space for interaction, discussion, and lively experiences UNBOXED is something you don't want to miss out on!

Open The Dialogue -
Find Your Voice 

There are many things that need to be discussed but often are taboo, at UNBOXED we desire to open the dialogue.


Interact with others in settings to help you build new relationships in order that you, and the body of Christ might be strengthened.

Experts And
Non-Experts Alike

No one person has all the answers and we like to hear from a variety of people, if you have something great to share, you'll fit right in.

Connect With Like Minded Folks

Building lasting friendships that spring forth after UNBOXED is one of our chief concerns, find others on a similar journey as you.

Address The
Real Issues

Whether we are talking about controversial issues in the church or not, the world certainly is ... at UNBOXED we believe as Christians we must lead the way in addressing the tough issues.

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