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I was honored and grateful to be able to attend and present at the 2017 UnBoxed Conference. It was so encouraging to hear the honesty and courage of not only the presenters but also in the responses and deep discussions that resulted from the presentations. I am challenged to take this home and really think about why we do what we do and how I can be part of any necessary change in my local congregation. I am looking forward to attending the next UnBoxed conference in 2018.


Unboxed provides a judgement-free environment for much needed discussions. I am always blown away at the humility and heart to please God that emanates from everyone present. 


I had the privilege of being a participant and presenter at Unboxed 2017.  The conference format of allowing time for questions and open discussion immediately following the presentations was very helpful.  I have many ideas that I am praying about and studying out based on the presentations and discussions.  I was also very impressed by the humility of all involved.  I appreciate the willingness of all the participants to be respectful of new ideas, and for being willing to question and challenge those ideas. 


I just heard the message from Unboxed: "Out of Control." That was amazing! I've been a disciple for 5 years and this really resonated with me... this talk had my mind going 100 mph with ideas!"

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Just when you didn't know you were IN a box, along comes UNBOXED and blows down your walls. The series of the 2017 TED-Talk style presentations were humbly but powerfully presented and opened my eyes to recognize patterns of thinking I didn't even know I had, patterns that shape my view of God, his church, and our world. It takes courage to challenge the status quo and that is exactly what these presenters did, not just to be rabble-rousers, but because continually growth and change is mandatory if we are to bring God glory in an ever-changing world. If you've never attended UNBOXED, you need to book your seat NOW for next year.


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